We currently have roughly 4 cords of firewood cut and billeted. 3 cords of it is split and seasoned roughly one full year and the remaining cord is billeted waiting to be split. We generally use 3 to 3.5 cords of wood per winter and 1 cord of brush wood (scraps) throughout the rest of the year. This years wood is mostly Ash, Maple, and Oak. We still have about 5-7 cords of wood left to cut over on our neighbors property from a storm we had earlier this year. These trees have been blown down and left as dead falls etc… in his woods and he has given us permission to collect them at no cost.

Our own property produces on average roughly 5 cords of end life trees per year. Our woods are primarily hardwood trees. We only use 3.5-4 cords of wood per year to heat our cabin and cook our food as well as make hot water. So this leaves us with about 1 extra cord of wood per year to spare that we can either harvest or let sit.

Here is a collage of our current firewood collection…