So this is how we get fresh spring water into our home. It starts from a nice flowing spring found just outside our cabin.

Molding the dam catchment area with hydraulic cement a little bit at a time.

We attach the ram pump line (3/4 inch hose) and a dam catchment drainage tube (1 inch tube) through the floor and under the wall.

Then we finish the hydraulic cement and it starts to fill up. Now we hope it doesn’t leak. Good thing it didn’t.

Now we run the pipeline / hose to the ram pump.

Now that the ram pump is set and ready to go lets watch a video of it getting started shall we…

So awesome of my friend from YouTube “land to house” to share his ram pump design. Find him here:

The water made it to our indoor tank and filled it. Now it is overflowing nicely into the outdoor tank. The pump seen here is used to pressurize the water on demand for the indoor shower and sink.

The trickle sound is like sleeping near a stream.


Here is a look at our outdoor overflow tank and utility sink. The old on demand propane heater seen here is no longer used.

So that is our system basically. Look for the next blog on us installing the official overflow drain line to the outdoor tank.