I harvested a bunch of peppers today and some golden cherry tomatoes. Then decided to make a salad.

Here is my tomato haul for today…


Here is a look at my Green Chilies Pepper haul today…


Next up are my yummy Jalapenos…


Now one of the limbs of my Green Bell Pepper plants busted off thanks to the animals running around so I had to harvest two of them early but they still were nice in my salad. The other two peppers seen are a cabanel and a sweet pepper…


Here is a look at the salad I had with my dinner. I used some of the tomatoes and the green bell peppers we collected, along with a cucumber from the other day and the rest was store bought. What we got from the store was a purple onion, arugula, spinach, shredded carrots, and Parmesan cheese with Italian dressing.


Thanks for joining in 🙂