Addie and I made 6 jars of salsa today using peppers and tomatoes from our garden mixed with some store bought onion and garlic. We used the pressure cooker method to make the salsa over a stove at our friends house and took a lot of pictures for you to see.

We also pickled 5 jars of the same peppers and onions without tomatoes. This process we used the water bath method. Again we took lots of pictures.

To start you off we have a slide show of our garden showing our peppers and tomatoes just before harvest. We have jalapenos, chilies, and habaneros. We also have golden cherry tomatoes as well.

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Now are you ready to see the salsa making process?

Good! Lets have a look…

Here are the peppers and such chopped and ready to go. The tomatoes waiting for a bath.



This is the reference we used for our salsa but we obviously cut it down to a smaller amount and didn’t use many of the ingredients and had different peppers.

But the over all directions on what to do is basically what we did πŸ™‚


Of course we blanched the tomatoes by bringing them to a boil then shocking them in cold water. Next we peeled the skins off. Then I smashed them with my hand.


Now we mixed the peppers, onions, 2 garlic cloves mashed, some salt, and the tomatoes into a bowl. Added some lemon juice to raise the acidic level some.


We prep the pressure cooker and get it ready for our jars. We make 7 jars but one falls over and spills out during the cooking stage so we are left with 6.


Looks yum so far πŸ™‚ Now to cook them.


And here we have 6 completed jars of salsa cooling for 24hrs before we can shelve them.

Now for the pickling of the remaining peppers and onions shall we…


First we mixed them up in the pot with vinegar and water then bring to a boil and let simmer for a few minutes.


Next we scoop some into the jars. We had enough for 5@ 8oz jars.



All we have to do now is wet bath them πŸ™‚



Viola! 5 jars of pickled peppers and onions with a hint of garlic…

I call my salsa:


Because I grew it in my very own composted soil comprised of 2yr old horse manure, 1yr old chicken manure, sand, and forest dirt. And yep you may of guessed it my very own 2yr old humanure straight from our composting toilet to our recycle bin where it was processed for two years before use in the garden using strict FDA approved methods.

Not much goes to waste here folks πŸ™‚