We discovered an attack was attempted on our garden by what appears to of been either a bear or heard of deer. Yes folks there is indeed a bear in the woods around here and it has been feasting on the neighbors gardens though we haven’t seen it around our place yet. The damage could have been from the bear or the deer.

Good news is our first line of defense was enough to deter the beast! Though we lost a few sections of it. The damage is easily and cheaply repaired and will be as of tomorrow when we get to the hardware store to buy replacement parts. So don’t worry folks 🙂

Here is a slide show of the damage…

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Just some minor electric fence damage. 3 poles were broken but easy to replace at around $2 or so a pole. The wire wasn’t snapped or anything so that is good. The fence is still shockingly good!

Here is a look at the garden and our recent haul…

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Basically all the peppers seen here went into our salsa and pickled pepper jars we made in our other blog 🙂

Addie ate the squash aside from 2 we gave to my Physical Therapist. And the pumpkins are waiting to be used…