Here is a look at the trees we use for fire wood. These are called “Standing Dead” or “End of Life” often caused by storms or old age. On our 7.5 acres of wooded property we produce roughly 5 cords of this wood yearly. We do not necessarily collect all of it from our property though. We only need 3 to 3.5 cords per winter to keep us warm and cook our food and make our hot water. The rest of the year we use debris wood (scraps) about a cords worth gathered from around the forest floor to cook and make hot water with.

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Often after a storm that has caused several dead falls etc… on our neighbors properties they will call us to come collect it. This is because they know we can use it and it makes their land safer from forest fires later and from the rare event the dead falls might actually hurt someone. Dead falls also known as widow makers by some.

In these pictures we are collecting from our neighbors property several trees that were damaged in a wind storm about 2yrs ago and some about 1yr ago. We so far collected roughly 4 cords of wood that we have billeted and brought back to our place.

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There are at least another 4-6 cords left to billet and bring back.

We have started to split and stack the wood with our already existing wood stash. We currently have this years 4 cords and almost have next years completed as well. Soon we will be working on the year afters wood. It is nice to have 3 winters worth of firewood stored. It gets seasoned (not cured) very nicely that way.

Once we finish getting it all collected, split, and stacked the next 3 winters will be set…