Here is a quick look at what we intend to do with the rear garden. As soon as the garden stops producing we will rip out any remaining plants. Then we will install the chicken scratch brigade for a couple days…



Next we will add fresh components to the soil using the lasagna layering method followed by the use of a rototiller to work it into the ground.


We have 800lbs of fresh sifted garden dirt mixed with 800lbs of nice clean sand. (Top left under the blue tarp)

Our neighbor gave us just shy of a 1000lbs of horse manure that has been composting for a short while and will be perfect by spring time. (Top right)

Then we have 4 fresh hay bales from our other neighbor to add to the mix. (Bottom left)

Last but not least we will be adding our own chicken sand manure (roughly about 300lbs) to the soil as well. We also have a little bit of humanure left over from 2014 that will make it into the garden. (Bottom right humanure seen but chicken manure not seen)


We fixed the electric fence damage today as well. It only required two new poles @$2.00 a pole.


We hope to enlarge the garden by adding a plot the same length and width for corn and peas to grow next year. This fall we will till the ground and then add the fencing for it next spring when we till again and plant. That’s the plan anyhow.