Here is the Wounded Warriors hike I went on 10-8,9-2016. It was 13 miles long divided over 2 days. The DCNR Rangers led the hike through the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania and I was accompanied by other Veterans in the Wounded Warriors Alumni.


This is the main lobby entrance to the Seven Springs Resort where we met before the hike began.


And here is my first video to introduce the hike.


The DCNR guide shall give us a quick run down of the hike in store for us.


It rained basically all day the first day but it really wasn’t that bad. I did have my umbrella hat but sadly no pictures 😦  however these pictures of the trail came out nice 🙂


Here is a creek overflowing due to the rainfall…


Some pictures of the creek seen in the previous video 🙂


This video is of the Laurel Highlands Trail Bridge Crossing…


Laurel Highlands Trail Bridge crossing pictures…


Some trail time video for you all…



A look at the nice foggy scenery. I love hiking in the fog so long as it isn’t always this way.


I think Alfred Hitchcock would have enjoyed this moment…


The next day was nice and dry and just right for hiking though some mud on the trail.


A look at what I made for dinner. Sorry I didn’t get a complete layout from start to finish. Basically I made a stew with fresh veggies and potatoes from my home gardens. Then I added some Tyson chicken and topped it off with some shredded Romano cheese and my homemade spices. It was the yum!



And that’s all folks. See you next time and happy trails 🙂