We made a few adjustments to the ram pump last week. Now it runs even better.

Here are a few picture of the alterations we have made…


This is the spring head. No changes were made here.


We replaced the original 3/4 inch hose with 3/4 inch PVC pipe. We added a short section of 2 feet long by 1 inch diameter vinyl tubing to make the transition from the dam wall to the pipeline easier on the setup. This also allows us to see the clarity of the water entering the pipeline. This section will be covered with black foam pipe insulator.

The pipeline located at the top of this picture leads to ram pump and the lower one leads to gravity feed line for backup system.



The pipeline running to the ram pump is now all PVC and no longer hose. This allows for better pumping action as the ram motion is generated throughout the line instead of absorb by it. I don’t fully understand the process but ridged lines work better than flexible ones.



We re-positioned the ram pump from its original location. The original placement allowed for a head water drop of 6.5 feet giving the ram pump the ability to lift water 45.5 feet high. This caused to much pressure to build up and occasionally shut the pump off because we were only lifting the water roughly 20 feet.

We moved it closer to the spring head reducing the drop from 6.5 feet down to 3.5 feet. This brought the lift to a max of 24.5 feet. Now the pressure isn’t to great and the pump has no longer had any issues of shutting itself off due to over pressurizing.



Here is a video of it running from the spring head down to the ram pump. It is fun seeing it in action I think. ๐Ÿ™‚


We also added in “unions” into both the pipelines where they start their run up hill. This will allow us to drain and clean the pipelines more effectively when needed. Occasionally sand, dirt, and silt etc… can get inside the lines and need to be cleaned out to ensure proper flow rates.


So there you have it. Our upgrades to our ram pump. We are still working out ways of protecting it from getting buried in the snow. When we come up with something we will do another update. Currently considering setting up a dome type cover using some fencing materials and shower board. We shall see ๐Ÿ™‚


Stay tuned…