I purchased a barrel Stove kit from Tractor Supply. Together with my neighbors help we built a nice stove. This stove will be used for burning debris in order to make hot water. Eventually we will get the needed water pipes to run through the stove to act as a on demand hot water heater.

Here are some pictures of us building the new stove.

This is the kit I purchased. The barrel was $15. The stove kit was $65.

We cut the barrel to fit the parts.

I used furnace cement to seal the components to the barrel to prevent leaks.

Here is the finished stove. Later we will add the water pipes. Next is to do a series of slow burns to get rid of the paint on the barrel and to harden the cement.

Here’s a look at the stove while it is burning.

With any luck this will be a great stove for heating water.