So winter has come and we have been getting subfreezing temperatures at night regularly now. The chickens water bowls are freezing over at night and occasionally during the day. We have frozen ground steadily now as well and it has been snowing lately.

So what does this mean?

Several people have claimed that our water system would freeze over winter when we started seeing these signs/changes in the environment. We are here today to show everyone that simply is not true. When you run water non-stop through a pipe or hose that is sized appropriately for the volume of water flowing through it, then the water will stay liquid form no matter how cold it gets. So long as the material of the pipe or hose can handle the temperature without shattering. The key here is to not allow to much air in the system or to allow the flow to stop.

When you look at rivers or streams etc… you see a layer of ice form over the top of them. What you do not see is the water underneath freezing. This is because the top layer of ice combined with the edge of the stream and ground underneath it form a sort of pipeline. This pipeline keeps the water flowing and actually helps to keep it fluid by not allowing the molecules that create water to rest long enough for water to form a solid. The molecules stay active and in motion so not to freeze. But the water can become very much colder than freezing even though it is not in solid form.

Here is a picture of our weather forecast today showing subfreezing temperatures taken from…


Here is a video of our ram pump working under these freezing cold conditions…

So there you have it. Our water system working just find with zero issues. We will continue to share updates on the ram pump throughout winter to show how well it does. Our only concern is getting a huge amount of snowfall that might bury the pump and stop it from functioning properly which would disrupt the flow of water and cause it to freeze. We may create an arch using some plastic shower board material to prevent it from getting buried in the snow. We shall see. When/if we do we will be sure to show everyone đŸ™‚