I tried to get this posted when it happened but had trouble getting the video segments to upload to the website. Got them reformatted and uploaded now so here you go…

Our ram pump EXPLODED ! ! !

Well the pressure tank portion did anyhow. It turns out that not all schedule 40 PVC is created equal lol… How dare they!



Here is a video about what and why of what happened…

So here is what a foam core schedule 40 PVC pipe for non-pressure systems looks like:


And here is a solid core schedule 40 PVC pipe meant for pressurized systems:


Now that we have that cleared up lets see how we fixed it shall we 🙂

Here are some slides of all the parts we used:

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Now for the video of us gluing it all together and Addie being strange:


Here is the completed ram pump, new and improved 🙂



Here it is being placed back in its home…


Now that it is rebuilt and all snug its creek home where it belongs lets turn it on shall we…


So crisis averted ! ! ! No need to scream and cry and stomp our feet or blame anyone…

Just Evaluate, Plan, Execute Plan, Reassess, Keep Moving Forward ! ! !

Hope you enjoyed this article and stick around for more 🙂