Considering we only use about 3 cords per year of firewood for heating our home and this current winter we only used about 2 cords we should be doing great. We will end this winter with nearly 4 cords left over from last years firewood haul. This winter we have collected an additional 3 cords at least. This puts us at approximately 7 cords come spring time. So needless to say I think we are good to go and we wont be collecting any more this year unless we discover a problem tree that needs addressing. Now the wood we collected this winter has only been billeted so we still need to split it over spring so that summer it can season (dry out).

Here is a video of today’s haul followed by some pictures 🙂


Addie’s Log carrying skills…

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Got wood…


So that’s all folks… Basically a few sporadic days of work and we are done for the year.