2 weeks on he trail!!!

Been a long 2 weeks getting acquainted with the environment and used to living out of a backpack long term. It has been rough going with the first week of rain and snow and getting used to climbing mountains. The second week I stopped in town to resupply and ate at Daniel`s all you can eat buffet and got food poisoning šŸ˜¦ . I had to take a day off from hiking to recover. Got back on the trail and weather has been perfect this second week.

I crossed the NC / GA border a couple days ago. Was GREAT to make it out of Georgia šŸ™‚

I am currently in Franklin NC. at 110 mile marker. April 17th I get my resupply from town and then will take a shuttle around Albert Mountain because it is to steep for me to climb. It`s only a 2 mile section of the trail I will be skipping. I should be at Fontana Dam in about a week providing weather is fair.

I have a bunch of pictures for you all now so enjoy šŸ™‚