Here come some more EGGS…! And almost bad news… but only almost!

Here is the picture from May 28.


May 29, here we come!  A peek at the tent caterpillars again.

May 30 follows.

May 31, Nim says “What?”

June 1 brings some more … Eggs!

June 2, Pixie hanging out on some eggs.

June 3, Pixie Persistent.

June 4…something is tipping the food dispenser… ARGH!  I don’t think it’s the chickens..but they’re chickens… you never know! It doesn’t seem to be such a big deal but then again, I have to keep filling them back up, and that’s not… well, ok it is filling with chicken feed, but we still have to buy the chicken feed!

June 5.  Followed by a quick video of the sound of a crabby chicken.


June 6, something got some eggs, and  something may have tipped the food dish in the coop in the morning.  I don’t remember to bring the camera with me, but it’s happened a few mornings now that the food dish/dispenser thingy I move back in to the coop at “Toes on Perch” “Count the Birds” “Coop Close-up”, and put near the door because that’s the least likely spot to be pooped on overnight has been moved over a bit and tipped over… and I’ve been wondering how… I blamed the chickens sort-of… I mean, I’ve closed up the coop an the coop is pretty well closed up…right?


And here is the turbine, still turning some, despite the leaves.  And it’s not even super windy.., I don’t think we are getting a charge from this, but it’s still turning.


June 7, here we come.  I had a moment of “Uh-oh” on this one, but if you watch closely, and read the messages, you’ll see what and why and why it was just a moment or so.

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June 8, when I initiated “Operation Thwart the Egg Thief” where I’d keep checking the coops and snagging eggs as I found them through the day, since I was home.  However, every time I checked the olive barrel, there was a hen in the back… and I wasn’t sure I wanted to stick an arm and a face in there to rummage around the hen…who would probably start making “distressed hen” noises… or attacking my face and … eyes and … yah, I like my eyeballs where they are in the shape they should be… and of course if she’s making damsel in distress noises, one of the manly roosters might decide to attack my bum.  So I didn’t.  Hence the foiling of my thwarting plan… But at least I did snag the ones under Pixie in the little coop, I could at least just open the door, and stick my hand under her, and grab.  She’s a bit more used to me doing that, too.


June 9, including another look at the tent caterpillars, and some eggs.

June 10, an answer to a mystery.  I have since taking these pictures, been busy with the staple gun… but if you look closely you can see there are grey hairs stuck to some of the chicken wire in a few of those pictures.  I remember a long while ago, noticing that area hadn’t actually been stapled down well, but when we had the racoon problem a while ago, they didn’t discover it, and at that point, the chicken wire was so tight, we were convinced they wouldn’t get into it… and then I kind of forgot that weak spot so I didn’t think to check it until I spotted it today.

So there we are, we are up to date for the next … 5 hours? Well, no, maybe 20 hours.

Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. Update… after Toes on Perch, Coop Close Up, I’m missing Frosty Flakes… one of the smaller hens from Pixie’s first clutch, the lighter of the white/black ones.

And then about 30 minutes later the dogs go nuts, and we go to see… and I see eye shine in a tree… and hope it’s a possum but here’s what we saw (well, what the camera would focus on).  The dogs didn’t really get it was up in the tree when I tried to get them to bark at it to give it the GO AWAY message.  Stay tuned for sporadic updates on this saga!