So, while jogging with Kyle on the 16th, we heard a mew in a tree, and after a quick look (while I had Kyle tethered to a tree away from the noise), I discovered a kitten up a tree…calling for mommy and help and oh my gosh…sad kitten noises.  So I told it if it still needed help after I finished my jog, I’d come back with a ladder and help it… but hey, if it could get back down on it’s own, great.  And guess who came back with a ladder?  This first videos less than a minute long.

And a lot later…after going home to get a larger ladder and checking with a neighbor to see if theirs was bigger (it wasn’t) and spending a lot of time on the ladder pleading with the kitten to come down, and knowing I knew how I’d die one day… doing something probably a bit stupid to try to help an animal which didn’t want MY help it wants someone else cooler… like it’s MOM RIGHT MNEAOW!!! Anyway I had to face the fact that I couldn’t see, and couldn’t get high enough and probably even if I could would probably not be able to get a grip on the kitten safely enough not to drop it to its doom or we all die when the ladder falls but it’s a KITTEN NEEDING HELP…. and it kept going UP instead of down.

However, I jogged past again the next day to take a peek at it… hoping like crazy it wouldn’t be in the tree and huzzah!

This next video (from the 17th) is about 2 minutes long… and it was sort of hopeful.  However, the kitten still doesn’t like me much, I’m better than nothing in a way, but not MOM… so HEY MOM THERE’S A WEIRDO HERE ….AND I NEED MY MOM!! MNEWWW!!

And lastly, what happened after trying to coax and cajole and bribe the kitten close enough to get a good hold on it, … well, I didn’t, but it does at least seem to have a semi-ok home base…better than nothing. I plan to check on it on tomorrow, I’ve got some cat food in the car already.