Stopped by this morning before work…it had rained almost all night, and raining pretty well and someone was like MEW.  And I was like hi! how about some more food? and the kitty said MEW! (yes, I know, it wasn’t really speaking normally, hence no “‘s).  And I put the food out for it, and almost managed to pet it, and then vroomed off to work, promising to check on the miserable little lonely chap (or chappette?) after work.

And I did.  It was sunny by now, and someone wanted company, and walked almost up to me, and let me put my hands near it, and I grabbed the scruff, and seriously, without a fight, got the kitty in the crate, and took it home.  It’s spending the night in a crate (which I already have sprayed down with flea preventative stuff, and is drying out before I put it in, and is big enough for Ralf, and has a little litter box and food dish and water dish).

It’s definitely got a bit of a “don’t leave me” thing… separation anxiety, but I suspect that won’t last too long.  Also, it does already like chin cuddles and company, so I’m wondering if some complete ********************************** dumped a couple of kittens on a back road and just left them to get run over and die of starvation and exposure… Or maybe mom got run over?  Whatever, this kitten will get a good home somewhere, and be fixed, so not contribute to pet overpopulation or feral cat population, and it will be loved and fed etc.  Hooray!


Anyway, here’s the video.