Here’s a quick set of preview pictures, so you know there are some cool ones coming up…

Still looking for a foster or home for the kitten.  And still taking pictures of other stuff around the place too.

Here we go.

June 20. Some pictures of a Jewel Weed which has flowered before most of it’s neighbors and relatives.  And a picture of a beetle, I don’t think it’s technically related, but it definitely has similar DON’T EAT ME ideas…look like something known to taste nasty ad be obvious about it. Also, the blackberries are past flowering (they didn’t take long to go through the flower stage, and that’s a shame as they are one of my top 5 flowers for looks and smell.) and already into the tight little green baby berries.  The raspberries, which are totally foreign to me as I grew up with red ones, are also already ripening and some in the best sun are ripe.  Later in the update you’ll see some of the nice ripe black ones… tasty!

And June 20, it’s Jezza time! Oh, the ADORABLENESS.  And of course, if you know someone who will give this guy a great home, let us know!



June 21 has pictures from some of the other furry family around here.  Nim got pretty pear shaped during a period where I wasn’t taking Kyle with me for all my jogs a long time ago. He had pulled a muscle or something and developed a very minor limp at the jog, and got better with rest, worse with more jogging, so he was staying home, plus he was being a saggy baggy before that and making it not fun to jog with him, so he got to stay home for a while… and then because he’s a dog and needs exercise he started getting bored. So he would pester the cats, and Nim took that pretty hard.  And Echo decided if his big ‘brother’ was harassing her, he should too…which she didn’t like.  So she decided that she would hardly ever leave the dresser top where their food is… So I had to put up a spare food dish where Kyle couldn’t get to it for Echo and the rest of them cats… and luckily, I got Kyle successfully jogging again, which keeps his  mental batteries from overcharging and going kablooey, and that let the tension with the cats down and eventually Nim rejoined the rest of the world…and did lose a bit of weight (she can clean herself again!), but she’s not the sveltest cat either.  It’s really hard for cats to lose weight (ok, at least it’s hard for an otherwise healthy cat to lose weight…). So anyway, that’s Nim going under the fence where the cats egress and come back in through the fence.

From June 22: And here are some examples of guttation… it’s like forced sweating? Or … well, anyway, when the moisture levels and humidity etc. are right, sometimes water kinda gets sucked and forced through a plant faster than it usually does…and instead of it being evaporated out through the pores at a normal rate, it ends up coming out faster and collecting into drops.  It’s really pretty, and it’s usually early morning when I spot it especially on dewy mornings.  But it’s different from dew, it’s not water that condensed out of the air, it’s water that has been forced out of the plant’s circulatory system out the pores.

Here are some June 23 pictures that aren’t of the temporary kitten (or the other adult kittens, or the dogs or chickens…).  It’s a few pictures of the hazel nuts… I discovered there were more than I thought (ok, so I thought there were lots, then tried to find them and could only find one or two, and then this time, I think I found the lots again…). Also, as promised earlier, the black colored raspberries (sooo weird to me!  They’re a bit different in tightness/shape and the plants are sorta white blushed or bloomed or… almost like they were dusted in white dust…but they’re tasty!  I’m just used to a slightly different kind which grows wild in Wisconsin and da UP).

And of course, here we can throw in this cuteness bomb to end this update.

It’s Jezza! He needs a HOME!

Someone who can spare him more play time, or even better a bit more play and a LOT MORE cuddle ime! He loves to be held and snuggled.  I think it’s due to being unpleasantly on his own… probably not his choice to be on his own.  So, he likes to feel protected or comforted.  And not rained on or stuck in a tree all hungry and alone.

June 23 Jezza stuff.



The last few pictures here were mostly me trying to get a couple good pictures of the pattern over Jezza’s shoulders, and on top his head.  I have a fascination with the patterns on top of tabby heads, and I also wanted a good look at the one on his shoulders while he was holding still (which doesn’t happen in real life).  And of course, any excuse to cuddle the guy. He needs lots of cuddles! And he wants moa, mneaow!