Here come some from June 24.

Some of the raspberries, wild black ones… they used to freak me out, but I’m getting used to them.  The wild ones where I grew up and lived a long time were red when ripe (about the same red as the red ones in the pictures), and they were a lot softer in texture.  These are tighter/firmer and are much darker when ripe.  Both (I don’t have pictures of the Wisconsin ones) are really pretty.  It was really nice out, and they looked really nice.

And here are some pictures of the turn around creek area while jogging with Kyle.  We had a LOT LOT of rain in the previous few days, and I think there is a bit of a delta or sand bar forming where the small one pours into the larger creek.

And of course, Jezza makes it better.  He still needs a home, and as I mentioned in today’s Egg-A-Day, the shelter and animal rescue groups all seem full of other kittens.  LITERALLY one foster for the second group I contacted, who said they would look around for a foster for the kitten, one of them has 40 (like four times ten, FORTY) kittens in their house they are fostering.  At one time.  Forty. PEOPLE, SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS, DON’T DUMP THEM, GET HELP FROM A RESCUE OR SHELTER OR OTHER SIMILAR GROUP.  Cats make more cats VERY quickly, even just one cat can become LOTS and who will give them homes?  Be responsible!  It’s not just the miracle of birth, it’s ok, we now have one or more little lives we are responsible for and need to find homes for… not jut dump them on the side of the road to die alone and miserable.  Good news folks though, this kitten is not alone and miserable, dying on the side of the road.

Jezza is here, and here are some pictures.

Here are some pictures of the trees in the yard area.  One is just to get a look at the sky, I like the colors of leaves against a nice blue sky.  And the other is some more of the hazel nuts growing…there are at least 3 clusters I can spot in the picture.

I don’t have any pictures from the 25th, but it was so lovely today, I got a lot while I was jogging, and I took some in the yard and while I was dong chores.

A picture of the second year growth of the a Mullein.  I didn’t know these were introduced from Europe/Asia/Africa, but unlike many alien species, they aren’t a serious nuisance, even if they aren’t native. Here also is a picture of a male Red-winged Blackbird.  There are a lot in the area…and they all like to get somewhere prominent and metaphorically shout this is THEIR area! Here it is making some of the not the typical song noises but commonly made noises.  I’m not sure if you’d call them scold notes or what, but they don’t sound particularly friendly.

And here’s a video where I am pretty sure that at some point, you do hear several of them in the background…I was trying to get a good video of their call but this other perchy chirpy bird showed up instead.

Some more pictures from the birds and walk and jog… it’s mildly possible the bird on the line against the blue sky is maybe a Song Sparrow, there were a few of them out there, by voice.  I just never got a great view. And speaking of view, I liked how the light from behind the grass seeds made them contrast with the darker plant in shadow behind them so I took a few pictures.

And more bird videos. This is a Red-winged Blackbird doing the typical call.  If there are cat tails or a marshy open area or a field… don’t be surprised if you hear one of these.  Look for them at the top of whatever plants stick out above the rest, or at least at the top of whatever plants are there.  Or on a power line, if it’s up and offers prominence.

Then more of the berries.  I like how they look.

And some pictures of what I think is a type of Daisy Fleabane…which is actually not a daisy, it’s an aster.  But they’re both composite flowers….which just talks about the shape and composition….but they look nice.

Also another picture of berries, and a picture of a different kind of flower which has just started blooming up in Ryan’s garden thingy with the flamingos.  It looks kinda like some relative of a coreopsis or tickseed?  I don’t remember what all was in that seed mix.  Rubeckia (of some spelling) is springing to mind, but I could be completely wrong!  Whatever it is, it’s colorful and nice.

Now, here comes some pictures of a moth I found in the yard.  I’m not sure if it’s old and dying, or got injured or something, but it wasn’t exactly coordinated.  It was sorta flappy floppy, and so I tried to move it from in the middle of the grass near the walk way to near the base of one of the tree trunks in the yard.  I later got pictures of it on that trunk (stay tuned), it seemed to get a little less floppy with time, and managed to climb up and hold still, and even fold up to a normal ‘roosting’ shape.

I did move it after I ended the quick video.   Here is what I’m reasonably certain that the bird in the next video is a Song Sparrow, it does eventually do it’s call, but is also run over by another bird (audibly anyway, not physically).

And the next video is especially for Ryan… Drink you TEA! … Yep. Tea.  Tuh-eeeaaaa.  Drink your TEA.  It’s a Towhee, I think an Eastern Towhee.

And now, down near the turn around point on the jog.  A few pictures of the leaves against the sky, and the progress of the corn across the street. Also, what I think is chicory (the corn-flowerish blueish flowers), and in another picture, I think I have some other flowers. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the daisy… Oxe-Eye Daisy (It’s sometimes a surprise to find that it’s not native, but it’s been basically naturalized, people are so used to seeing it around).  I’ve got what I think is some sort of invasive species of Vetch (the purple ones in little sort of spike clusters which look like little snapdragons…they’re related to the pea I think). And there are Darkeyed Susans in the background too (yellow petals and brown ones in the center, kinda daisy shaped).

Also, take a look at the water levels, they’re a bit lower, and I’m really believing that there is a new delta or sandbar being formed, it’s easier to see now with the water levels lower.


Here are some pictures of the leaves of Colt’s Foot.  The flowers come up unbelievably early, I’ve seen them up with snow nearby, still bits melting away.  They kind of look like dandelions. And they’re showing guttation, I think.  That’s those droplets of water on the edges of the leaves.  It’s NOT dew. Then there is some Yarrow, feathery leaves and a sort of flat panel of white small flowers.  And there is some milkweed, Common Milkweed I think.  Thick fleshy-leathery-ish leaves, balls of flowers which turn into sort of double ended bells in light purple…and this is what the Monarch butterfly is closely associated with.  Also in the picture with some of the Milkweed pictures is some Sassafrass leaves.  Very cool tree, the twigs have a spicy smell.  And the leaves are so cool, they come in 3 different shapes!! Some are just sort of oval shaped, some are shaped like a mitten with a big hand area and a thumb lobe, and some sort of look like a mitten with a place for your pinkie finger on one side, and your thumb on the other… or they look like dinosaur feet.  Fun!

Although Milkweed is associated with the Monarch, it’s not exclusive to that butterfly.  The one in these pictures is not.  I’m not super awesome at ID for butterflies, so I don’t know what kind it is, just that it’s not a Monarch (or Viceroy, or Tiger Swallowtail, some of the ones that mimic the Monarch).

Here are what I think are Dogbane, but not flowering yet (quite).  And there are some pictures of the seed pods and dried stems from last years Dogbane.  It’s also known as Indian Hemp, I think.


Almost lastly, here are some pictures of that moth up the tree, some pictures of the pile of logs I moved into the yard (and the absence of those logs from where the pile was), and what the yard pile looks like now, and what I’m pretty sure is Feverfew.  It looks like another weird daisy with stubby petals.  We got some from a neighbor a few years ago, and it definitely seeds well year after year if you really don’t get after it.  However, since it’s potentially a headache remedy, we’re not too worried about wiping it back out.

One picture of the onions and garlic I released from overactivity in the kitchen (… ok the got old and sprouted so I put them in the ground).  And some other plant growing in with them.  The garlic and onions seem to be enjoying being out in the sun and rain.


And of course, we still have a little kitten named JEZZA who NEEDS A HOME!!!!!

Here he is! Oh MEW gosh his paws are SO cute!