I was going to just save this as a draft and add more later, but I figured I might as well just publish an Egg-A-Day for just one day!  I’m figuring out how to sneak in uploading while doing other stuff, too, so I’m able to keep more on top of this.

In my opinion, June 27th’s weather was nice, especially in the morning.  Sunny (in the morning) and in the low 70’s, and although some of the afternoon was mixed partly-sunny and cloudy with a few drips, it cleared up again, back to the sunny and high 60’s and low 70’s.  My kind of weather!  And I think the hens liked it too?

Here we go with the eggs and a view of the weather…and of course, Jezza!! Jezza NEEDS A HOME and wants to CUDDLE YOU!! And today, he is slightly spiky looking as I just massaged some unrefined coconut oil onto his coat (I’ll explain that in a separate update).  But mainly, he wants a home with someone(s) to CUDDLE him.

I’m not sure why the ladies have stopped using the olive barrel and started using the TV hut in the run… I’m not sure if they smell raccoon (racoon? the spell check likes both!) in the barrel or it’s just so last week to lay in the barrel…but they seem to have moved to the hut in the last few days.

And signing this off is Gizmo!  Either calling any potentially wayward hens or hens in the area who want to join the flock or whatever in to roost, or telling the roosters what a big and manly rooster he is! Anyway, I just got the camera on in time to get this one, as he did it 3 times, and this was the last one he did while I was standing there.