Here we go with today’s pictures, I’ll get these up while I have the chance.


Another bird on the power line… some sort of sparrow? Some of those male Red-winged Blackbirds out on the tops of plants in the field. And a look at some more plants, another invasive alien species, Birdsfoot Trefoil (the yellow flowers), yet another invasive alien Butter and Eggs a.k.a. Toadflax and a few other names.  Thing is, a lot of invasive species of plants (and probably fauna as well) do well along roadsides because it’s disturbed ground, it gets torn up and is kind of an edge and so it’s easier to get established.   I guess it’s kind of like all the plants that normally live in the area have been damaged or plowed under or whatever because of human disturbance, or like on the edge of construction sites and stuff… Hm, ok like a cut on your skin vs. a place of normal skin.  It’s easier for kooties to get in the cut because the normal function and interaction of fabric of your skin is disturbed….Aannnyway, back to the pictures. I spotted what I think is my first Butterfly Weed of this year, and hooray, this one is a native plant!  I’ll try to get better pictures of it later.

Here are more pictures of Raspberries, but these have an educational purpose… One reason I know they aren’t “blackberries” apart from leaf shape, stem shape, thorn shape and texture, flower shape, berry shape, white fuzz/bloom on fruit/stem…. anyway, another clue is that when ripe, the berry comes off in a cup shape and leaves the middle thingy (OK I’ve never looked up what it’s called) …ok, I just did a quick search… some people called it a ‘core’, some people called it the ‘receptacle,’ that thing–it stays on the stem and attached to the plant.  On a Blackberry, the core/receptacle thing stays in the berry even when it’s ripe.  And Blackberries tend to be longer than Raspberries, but take a look at these pictures, and you’ll see the berries came cleanly off, and left the core thingy on the plant.


Some pictures from our jog today, here’s a look at the water levels, and as you can see, it’s clouding up.  But, it’s been nice and not toooo hot or toooo cold (so say, high 60’s to low 70’s) and clear this morning so far, so happy for that!


Here are some pictures from wood gathering chores today.  A small pile of logs, and then where the small pile was.  Also, a downed tree crown I’d noticed when we were cutting billets near there earlier this year, and I’ve been clearing off bits of the limbs and stuff, and now ‘I’m taking the larger branches back to the yard (sawing them off with the hand saw) so we can eventually billet them in the yard (but won’t have to carry them one or two small pieces at a time).  This is one of those trees I mentioned earlier in an update as a reason I didn’t collect the marker ribbon for a set of wood piles.  Speaking of those ribbons, I finished the piles marked by the ribbons marking yesterday’s pile, so that means I collected another trophy for the fence.  And included, a view of the woods side of the pile of logs, with a bit more added on it today in billeted logs, and a bunch of large limbs to be billeted later.


And I saw some birds and stuff while I was walking back and forth, and I had to take pictures of some of them.  For starters, I think I actually SAW and Oh Wow! Got a picture of a Red-eyed Vireo!  I promise, there is a bird in there in each of these, but remember it’s about leaf sized, and greyish greenish yellowish… and facing away in one of them for sure.  It’s sort of a bit lower and left of middle of the picture.  Have fun finding it (probably him?).

And here are two videos of him singing, and some of him flitting around.

In both videos, you can get a pretty good listen to him singing.

And this last video is less cool than I’d have liked it to be, because I actually clearly saw the male and female indigo buntings flitting around, and then reached for the camera, and by the time I got it on, it was harder to see them.  However, you can sort of hear them talking to each other.  I don’t think that’s their ‘song’, and I don’t think it’s scold/startled notes, I think it’s sorta “I’m here”  …then again, it could just as easily be “I told you yesterday that those berries were ripe, and NOW LOOK SOMEONE HAS GONE AND EATEN THEM ALREADY AND WE MISSED IT mumble mumble… ” I dunno, I don’t speak bird that well to know.  But here we go, don’t expect a glow in the dark blue bird, he’s only blue when the light hits his feathers just right, otherwise he’s kinda black.  I like both colors. And she’s a rather drab color.


And lastly, here are some pictures of Jezza Kitty.  He NEEDS A HOME with his own people to CUDDLE because I can’t give him enough.  Ralf is actually acting a bit jealous… but since it’s Ralf, he’s not taking it out on the kitten, he’s just being a bit clingy, what a good boy!  And here you will see Jezza looking a bit spiked, because I have rubbed coconut oil into his fur.  See, he has fleas.  Not a super whole crawling lot, but one flea can become more before you know it.  I’ve already put topical preventatives on Ralf, Kyle, Echo, Gnarly, Indy, and Nim, but Jezza is just going on 6 weeks in my estimation… and that means he’s too young for most of the flea control stuff out there.  And despite me treating the bedding in his big crate upstairs, and the stuff in the little carrier crate he uses in the playpen so it’s inhospitable to flea eggs and any fleas jumping ship off Jezza, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get rid of the buggers on Jezza.  I mean, they can jump off in transit, or maybe get out the crate door without spending time on the bedding… and I don’t want them on him!  But how to get them?  Try to heat water enough to make a safely warm not getting hypothermia bath for him, and enough to rinse him, and give a kitten a bath?  Ooor… if coconut oil will kill mites on chickens (why I originally got the large jar)…what about fleas?  And some research on the internet says yes, it will repel and maybe do worse to fleas…plus sorta stick them to the flea comb if you comb the kitten greasing down the kitten.  So I did.  And good news, I didn’t find any fleas on him with the comb, just a lot of flea poo.  I did remove 1 flea from the bedding under Jezza later in the afternoon, but it was acting pretty sluggish and I killed it.  So, I’m hoping this will have sorta knocked down the adult fleas feeding on Jezza, and if they try to live anywhere else in the house they will either starve or try to get one of the other animals, which are treated to not be great for fleas, or me.  And human blood isn’t good enough for fleas to make babies on… so ok, it sucks to get bitten by a flea but at least it won’t mane more fleas.  I’m trying to keep Jezza comfortable and prevent an infestation.  I think it’s working so far!