Here, from June 28 is a quick video of some American Robins enjoying the Juneberries (also known as Serviceberries… and I think sometimes Shadbrush?).  There’s around 20 species in the U.S. (give or take, apparently it’s hard to tell some species apart (yep!) because they’re very similar, and they also tend to hybridize so then it’s even worse to figure out what you’re looking at.  I miss the ones we had in Michigan…they were more like tall shrubs so you could …you know… reach the berries instead of watch the birds get them all.  Oh well, at least the birds are getting a good meal.  Lucky birds…hrmph.


June 29.

Just a few pictures and videos of some of the fur crew here.  Jezza (WHO NEEDS A HOME) looking cute and lovable and adorable… and Kyle looking interested and mildly interested-happy.



And here is some of June 30.  I’m posting a separate blog on me messing with the ram pump. I’m not sure if one or more of the valves is having issues with reduced function or what, but I’ve had to tinker with it a lot lately.  I emptied it out and tried to get it to restart as we had had a LOT of rain, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t leaving a lot of sediment in the tubes… and then I’ve had trouble getting it working again.  But it’s just a matter of getting the ratio just right I think… we’ll see. Anyway, more on that in the separate blog entry on that topic.

I went down to the creek to move some stuff for some project and had my camera with me…and heard a male cardinal making one of his whit whit whit teww tewww tewww calls, and tried to get a video of that, but he moved a bit lower, and only made the chwip calls which I think are more like “I’m here” or something… anyway, I’m pretty sure he had his lady friend with him as I spotted a drab bird of the same shape keeping him company.

Here’s him and his status report? calls.

Here are some pictures and video of some damselflies I spotted while I was down by the creek.  I am not great at identifying any of the Odonota (dragonflies and damselflies), but I can with pretty good confidence, tell a damselfly from a dragonfly.  These are damselfly.  I just did a bit of snooping on the web, and I’m pretty confident that both “kinds” I got pictures of are the same kind, they just show sexual dimorphism (guys and girls don’t just have different guy/girl bits, they also don’t look the same… di like two, and morph like shape). So, I am pretty sure these are Ebony Jewelwings… (where I would have named them Jewel Ebonywings… whomever got to name them decided Ebony Jewelwings was better?).

Here are a few videos.  I tried to get some good video of them as they flew, but they flutter a lot more than a dragonfly.  And kinda go up and down a lot. They don’t fly in a straight path like a Dragonfly.  Dragonflies are kind of like helicopters…very maneuverable and agile. These Damselflies are a lot more whimsical in their flight paths.

Both those were male, I think.  The males are that iridescent green/blue color depending on light, with completely black wings.  The females are more drab colored in the body with more smoked wings, and a white dot on the top/back tip of the wing.

I don’t know why she held still so well for me, but they definitely are easily spooked and hard to predict where they will be when flying… I deleted a LOT of videos which were even blurrier and worse than these!

And here are a few other pictures.  Yes, folks we still have Jezza and he still NEEDS A HOME!! Tell your friends, relatives, chums on social media!  I’m looking for a home who won’t declaw him! There’s also a tired Kyle who found a nice spot to chill in the hot weather.  And a picture of the Hazel nuts as they grow.  I think there really are fewer nuts on the shrub now.

And I think I’ve ran out of pictures and video for this update.  See also the video of a jumping chicken in the Egg-A-Day for the 28th-July 1st ish.  Also, see the ramp pump videos from the June 30th.