Here is July 2, I’m sorry I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of the total haul in the basket… I think I got 5 eggs. I’ve been taking pictures lately of areas that often have eggs in them that don’t, just so I (and possibly y’all) remember/ realized I checked there, and there wasn’t anything…instead of simply forgot to check there. Indy ‘kitten’ was seriously stalking me and wanted cuddles and chinzees (scratchies under the chin/cheek area), and if you look at the regular update, there are some more pictures of that, and if it turned out well, a video of her, too.


July 3.  You’ll notice that Mac-N-Cheese was keeping a creepily close eye on me while I checked the little coop.  I was rather worried he was going to go cluckin-nuts and attack me (and roosters can do some damage, especially if you’re not expecting it and can get a few blows in before you can do anything to stop them…if anyone remembers the deceased and cooked Krispy Kreme rooster…by the way, medically if you’re kicked by  rooster, that’s called being flogged.  That’s what the nurse told me… long story…never mind… >.<   …).

And here is a quick video from July 3.  I’ve stopped filling up their feed dispenser more than a little tiny bit at the bottom for when they really want a quick nibble, and then I feed them by scattering handfuls of their pellets directly on the bare spots on the ground.  That means that most of the flock or all of the flock gets a chance to eat at once instead of taking turns at the feeder.  Nobody is climbing on or in the feed dispenser, and there’s less for the coon to gobble.  Even if there’s left overs on the ground, the coon then has to go and pick each one up, one by one (or …lick the ground?).  So it’s less easy to mooch chicken food.  And before anyone says eeeew the chickens eat off the ground… they eat worms from the ground, they eat arthropods of many kinds on the ground… and will pick at the ground so I’m not too worried about it. And since the water bowl gets emptied randomly…either dumped or ?drunk?, I brought out one of the sippy drinker things, and as you can see in the video, they know how to use that.  Lacey is drinking in the video, and Gizmo is eating from one of the piles.

And here is July 4.  Happy Independence being proud of being a liberty loving country and yea I know the U.S.A. isn’t perfect, there’s a lot to be improved, there’s a lot that could be worse, too, so hooray us!  Thanks for having a lot of gumption to our founding families (you think those guys in the history books could have gotten anything done without moms, wives, kids, friends and/or relatives? yeah–no!) thanks for saying in essence, “We think we can govern ourselves better, if you’re not going to listen to us!”

Here are the eggs and stuff.

And so, there ya go, Egg-A-Day is U-T-D (Up To Date).

Oh wait, this just in… our actually, just outside the fence west of the house.  There’s a tree there, and Kyle and Ralf think it’s reaalllly interesting…. jump at the fence like a maniac interesting in Kyle’s case.  And up that tree….sigh…. the stalemate continues.