I haven’t posted a major update in a while, so here it is.  There are going to be missing pieces, namely the Jezza goes for a Walk set (already posted), and the trip to Duncannon July 12 and 13, which I will post separately.

Here are some of the better pictures.

And here we start with July 5’s pictures…they’re of Jezza, and I was trying to get something super juicy-cute for a Needs a Home poster… Echo seems to be the least annoyed by Jezza, and is almost interested in him at times.  Jezza wants to meet any of the cats, or dogs.  He’s just generally interested in  just about everything!

July 8, some more pictures of Jezza, and some of Ralf and Kyle up along the old cable runner tie-out.  I had them up along there while the chickens were elsewhere doing chicken things, and was hoping they would make doggy smells all over up there, so it might make the coon nervous. Also some pictures of the light on the leaves, and it’s really pretty. There’s some more Jewel Weed, and a peek at some new onions and garlic I released from the kitchen, and the ones I did earlier as well (and the mystery plant growing in there with them).

July 9 includes some Queen Anne’s Lace (closely related to the domesticated carrot, and not native, but naturalized), a shrub I forgot to get pictures of the flowers to (I think they were kind of creamy and little in sort of clusters…), and here are the fruit/berry/whatever ripening along.  I think they might might might be related to nanny berry or viburnum of some kind, maybe ?spice bush?… we’ll see when I get a chance to look them up.  Also some of the Mullein (not native) and the Hazel (pretty sure it’s native).

And here are 2 videos from July 9 of me checking on the ram pump.  As of today (the 15th) it’s still working, it still makes the noise occasionally, and I’m still not sure what it is or if it’s an issue… I’ not going to borrow trouble from tomorrow that might not even be trouble, and I’m sure not going to mess with it if it’s working (haha), so unless I figure out what it is and that it’s bad, I’m not freaking about it.  Here’s the video of me examining the pump area and pipes in that area to see if it’s obvious.

And skip a few days to the next time I get the chance to really take pictures…


July 14, an Ebony Jewelwing (female) with something in her mouth (something almost as wide as her head when it started, and light light green, almost white). Also, a Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth (Darapsa myron), those released garlics and onions, among other pictures.

Here is Indy, doing her thing…one of her many things.

And lastly, some from July 15.

I’ve got some pictures of flowers again, there is the Elderberry in various stages of berry/flower.  There’s a variety of self-heal (heal heal all)…which I thought was an invasive/alien, but just did a quick search and apparently there’s a lance leaved native variety, and a similar alien one, so I will eventually have to get better at the difference…anyway, it’s medicinal/edible to some degree so I’m interested in it.  There’s also what I think might be a kind of Evening Primrose (the yellow flower), and some of the flowers up in Ryan’s wildflower garden.

That’s all for now, I think.  Thanks for visiting and reading!