Good morning y’all, here are some more Egg-A-Days!

July 25 starts it off, and I liked the weather a bit more… it seemed a tad less oppressively hot.

And July 26.


July 27, here we go! Seems like Pixie likes the run’s nesting box some days… like today.

And here’s July 28. It wasn’t bright and sunny, but it also wasn’t super duper hot, so I guess it was ok. And I’m not exactly sure what that goo blob is on the little stool outside the run’s nesting box.  I didn’t see any shell, but it kind of looks like a smeared egg white?  I don’t think it’s chicken poo… so it’s gotta be egg?  But there were other eggs?  I guess nobody get normal answers from chickens or coons or possums or ? who knows!?


July 29, here we go! And speaking of go, I’m pretty sure my first go at checking the run’s nesting box was, especially in Pixie’s opinion, a bit intrusive.  Me checking for eggs and taking her picture caused her to go squawk and then go eat some of the scattered food pellets with the rest of the flock.  So, since I didn’t see a Pixie egg in the box, I decided to go back again later and have a second go at it.  When I decided the time was right, I did go back up and check that box and discovered that Pixie did go back and go through the rest of making an egg, then she did go somewhere else, but the egg she laid didn’t go anywhere until I decided I gave myself the go-ahead and I took the egg.


July 30 I wasn’t moving to fast by the time Egg-A-Day came around, although I could have been moving a lot more painfully or slowly.  More on that in a different blog, but don’t worry I wasn’t attacked or anything!


July 31 found me moving  a bit more gingerly in some postures than yesterday, not surprisingly.  However, I managed to get to the eggs and gather them.

And this still leaves plenty of catsup to play but that will be in another dose later!  Have a great one and thanks for visiting.  I bet the eggs aren’t nearly as cool as the pictures Ryan’s putting up of all the cool stuff he’s seeing.  I’m super proud and he’s doing very well!