I’ve been spending time looking things up while I’ve been online, and sorta let the uploading thing wait… so here come some of the belated posts!

This is July 21, I wasn’t exactly enjoying the weather… I suppose though, it could have been super hot and super muggy AND raining… so a bit of sun was nice.

And here is July 22. I did two collections on July 22, and got 2 eggs each time, too. I’m pretty sure the second set were from Lacey and Pebble.  I don’t think Pebble had laid an egg when I surprised (aggravated etc.) her in the little coop.

July 23 gives you a peek at Mac-N-Cheese taking a peek at me.  Sometimes a rooster (most often, it seems, is Mac) gets up on a high perch ans likes to give me a good once-over with the stare treatment.  I’m not sure what’s up (other than a chicken), maybe they’re just up there to get a good vantage point for a good macho crowing?


July 24 had nicer in my opinion, temperatures and pretty good weather.  Here are the pictures. And I’ve stopped trying to guess what motivates a chicken to move from one well-used laying spot to another!

<<edit/update: August 11: found a picture from July 24 in with the ‘non-egg’ pictures, I found Lacey’s egg in the barrel picture, so I’ve just added it today, sorry folks!>>

Seeing as today is August 8th and I’m ending this page with the 24th of July, there are obviously more (megaegga more!) Egg-A-Days to do ketchup (ok, is it only me who puts catsup on cooked eggs?  Raw eggs, not so much!).for, but I’m ending it here because I had an experience earlier today that has really pushed my buttons… so much that I’ve just got to say a few things about it here (ok, on a different blog post but here on this website).