So I’ve been doing a lot of “oooooh what is THAT!?!” pictures, and then I spend a lot of time looking to see what it really is on the web.  And there are other pictures I’m taking because I like how they look.  So, I’ll probably be separating out the “what is that” from the “hey look at that” pictures.  This will be more of a hey look at that post, but it will probably be kind of short, so I can also start some of the “OOOOh what is that!??” posts, too.

I’m learning a lot of stuff, which is pretty cool.

Here we go with some of the ooh look at that pictures.

This is from July 22, it’s the elderberry shrub in our backyard.  I looked at it one day, and thought, “Whoa, it’s getting big!” so I took a picture.  It had lots of flowers, but I’m not sure if I just missed the berries all ripening and something getting them, or I dunno what happened, but I haven’t seen a lot of berries on it.  A lot of the other elderberries around here have a lot of berries, in various stages of ripeness.


And these are from July 24, which also has a lot of “what is” photos.  Here are some that I’ve not separated out.  The yellow flowers with almost-dandelion leaves with spikes, I think, is possibly “prickly lettuce” which is an escaped European plant, which is also related to dandelion and tame lettuce (if I remember correctly).  There’s also pictures of Kyle, other elderberries, and some blackberries (note the way the blackberries keep the inner core thing when plucked when ripe-I talked about this in an earlier blog, in comparison with raspberries).


There’s also a picture of a really tall joe-pye weed (I can’t tell/remember if it’s spotted or I think the other version is sweet…but whatever, I can’t remember which one it is… I just know it’s Joe-Pye Weed). And one of the earliest pictures in that grouping is one of the large branches I pulled into the woods after the last few storms rolled through, some having episodes of high winds.

Here are some more blackberries from down the road.  Also, I just learned something!!!  Growing up in Wisconsin, I was used to slightly different options for cherries, we had Choke and I think it was Pin? And maybe also Fire… But down here, I have options of Fire, Choke, and Black.  However, I’ve seen so many Black Cherries I kinda forgot the others might be around, and so I was assuming these next cherries were just baby Black Cherries, but then I decided to double check.  And I rediscovered oh, yah, Choke Cherries are about this size and hey, their cherries are arranged very similarly to the Black Cherries. So hm.  And then I did a bit more checking on the internet, and found that the Choke Cherries (which I had used a mnemonic of remembering that you’d choke if you tried to eat all the berries on their bunch at once, and the pin cherries were more spread out and kind of like the heads of pins on stems (pins)) also have a way to keep them straight in my mind versus the Black Cherry (other than size… Black Cherries get a LOT bigger… like trer vs shrub  bigger). Both Black and Choke Cherry leaves have edges that aren’t smooth, but the Choke Cherry leaves serrations are much pointier (like they’d stab ya in the throat and make ya choke, but I don’t recommend eating either, I’m pretty sure they’d make ya sick).  Black Cherry has sort of smooth tipped serrations, I guess more like the bumps on a B instead the points on a V, so while they’re not great for eating either, they’re not trying to stab and choke ya. Ahem… yah, well I wasn’t going to separate them into the “What’s that” but well, I still like to know what stuff is….. Aaannnywaaayyyyyy……!

I’m not sure what kind of critter, probably insect, made the webbing all over that cherry branch.  We had tent caterpillars earlier this year, but I haven’t been seeing their tents for a while, so I’m not sure if this is a relative, or just a look-alike, or a platoon of them that are late…and for once, I’m not going to bother looking, ’cause I have a lot of other things which have just satisfied my curiosity  and that I’d like to share.  Plus…this is more of a “hey look” page anyway…

These are some sort of mint which I’ve been watching for a while, getting taller and taller, and just not flowering.  I keep thinking they’ll flower from the top… and I took these pictures to see what they look like before they flower… and then, later (I’ll post those pictures later)… well, the township came through and mowed the sides of the road and whacked them.  And I’m pretty sure it’s nearly all.  I thought I saw one back along the edge of the forest, but I haven’t seen it lately, so I may never see what the flowers look like this year. However, most mints are really resilient, so I might get to see it next year (if they don’t get whacked…).  I might see if I can get a small bit of one of the stems that are left to grow in a container at home, mint is good at sprouting from cuttings (and taking over if not kept in check) so I can keep an eye on it.  I do like the looks of the plant, and it’s decidedly a mint.  It smells minty when touched, and it’s got the square stem and opposite leaves. However, mints come many species in the garden, and then from there, varieties, and they can escape and many do well in the wild… so I’m not quite sure what it is.  It’s fuzzy, which knocks out a lot of choices, also it’s leaf shape knocks out some more.  I’m leaning towards Apple Mint, but it might be a variety of Spearmint, or maybe something called “mojito mint” or “sweet mint”… oh well, here’s what I have preserved of the plant (well, digitally anyway).


Here are some more pictures of what the weather has been doing to the landscape lately (lately for July 24…). Another fallen tree, fog, and lots of chocolate milk rivers (ok, it’s not really chocolate milk).

And well, I still have more pictures and video from the 24th, but I don’t have any more time right now to post them, so they’ll be up as soon as I can.

Thanks for checking in, and I hope you enjoyed your visit!