I figure I’m never going to get caught up if I wait to have long stretches to do long updates, so I’m going to sneak in a few bits here and there…. so continuing where I left off (I think), it’s back to July 24 again.

These are pictures and video of a millipede.  These guys frequent the back roads where I jog with Kyle, and I love watching their legs move!  I’m pretty sure they’re not really supposed to be on the road, and I am sure I’ve seen them as road kill (yep, they’re large enough that when they get run over they leave an obvious flattened remains). One day I am hoping to check into the difference between centipedes and millipedes (besides the simple number of legs, I think there’s a diet and behavioral difference as well, and I’m not even sure how closely they are related… they just happen to be long and low and have lotsa legs).



Here are a bunch of flower pictures, starting with Dark-Eyed Susan.  I didn’t know there was a difference between Dark-Eyed and Brown-Eyed Susans, but I finally looked it up to see if I was using the wrong name, and turns out I’ve been using the right one, usually.  So, what I have here is, I think, Dark-Eyed, because it’s larger flowers, and about one per stem.  Brown-Eyed has bunches of flowers (well not in bunches, but more than one, and I use the B for Bunches and Brown to remember), and I think they’re smaller, and on branched stems.  After that, it’s another yellowish flower, although it’s Green-headed Coneflower, also called Cutleaf Coneflower.  Dark-Eyed Susans and the Green-headed Coneflower are related, and if you look at them with that in mind, they rather resemble each other.  The leaves shown after the flowers are from the Cutleaf (Green-headed) Coneflower. I’ve had some sad but not surprising news (or information learned).  I’ve figured out what the green leaves carpeting the ground along the road in the next few pictures (the good news).  It’s either Large or Small Periwinkle… I’ve always liked the color periwinlke, and it’s a fun word to say.  However, it’s not native and can kind of get out of hand if it’s not supervised.  As it has here.  It does have pretty purple-ish flower (it is the namesake for the color periwinkle).  As a matter of fact, it’s one of the flowers I kept trying to get my phone and MP3 player’s cameras to actually get the color properly photographed on, and failing.  I randomly stumbled over the ID while trying to figure out a different flower.  After the periwinkle comes yet another peek at that odd plastic tube thing (strange aquarium?) they have over that spot they fixed on the internet cable a ways down the road… which I hope wasn’t to keep water out because that’s not working too well.  At all.  Not well at all… you could drill a well in and it would definitely have water coming out…


Here’s a quick before-and-after look at the two wood sheds, I did mange to get some logs split and stacked (yea!)… And there’s a look at what Kyle likes to do with his afternoons on days we’ve gone jogging. Like I’ve said before, a tired dog is a usually a happy dog… exercise is a great way to improve/maintain dog behavior!  After that is a picture of one of my new nemesises… nemesi? nemesis (plural or singular in one word?…hm) I hadn’t figured an ID out until just now while the picture was loading, but a neighbor who has am amazing garden and is very knowledgeable told me last year my suspicions were right, and it was invasive… however she didn’t have a specific name for it… she privately was calling it “Evil Sonofa….”  I’ve assumed it was invasive simply based on how often and widely spread in different places… but only in places disturbed (like road sides and lawns which aren’t obsessively mowed…like mine)… it just had that sort of red-flag popping up in my head.  So now I’ve figured out what it probably is… It’s probably “Bristled Knotweed” (which has a BUNCH of other names, like Oriental Lady’s Thumb, Asiatic Smartweed and Asiatic Waterpepper.  However, I also noted that there are some similar native species, so I want to double check that the stuff I have been hand-pulling like crazy from the yard and laying in the sun to dry and die has the little fringe thingy around stem where the leaves attach.  I bet it will, this stuff is NOT acting like something in balance with the rest of the locals… which is why I suspect it’s invasive.  And lastly, a quick peek at the super cute and amazing and lovable Jezza Kitten!

That’s all I have time to squeeze in for this update, there are still a few videos for the 24th I’d like to upload, as well as some “What are those!?!” sets, but they’ll have their own posts later! Thanks for reading and viewing and visiting.  Ryan is still doing well on the trail and having a blast! Have a great one!