I’ve decided to hijack Ryan’s website a bit more than I already have while he’s gone…. (muahahahahaaaaahaaaaaa!) and add another category for blog posts… “Ongoing”.  If I understand things correctly, I can use multiple categories, and I think I’ve done so many times already, and it worked (…I think).  This new category, when applied, means that I (or we) have plans to periodically (although maybe not regularly) update this particular post page thingy…instead of adding new material to a new post.

This means I can put up information on say, for example, a plant I’m pretty sure I’ve ID’d as a “Blackhaw Viburnum” and post pictures etc. of it starting now.  And then in the future, as, for example, the fruit ripens, or the leaves change color, if I get a chance to take pictures of it, I can put them on that same page as an edit and update, so instead of having to hunt back through previous posts (which nobody would really want to do) to see what it used to look like, or from a different angle, or what I might have seen in a different location, it’s all in one place.  I’m hoping to go back and see if I can collect Jezza’s pictures for something like this, too, because the cutie sure did grow quickly!

I hope this turns out to be interesting or useful to the majority of people who check in with us and find my posts interesting!