Here are the pictures from July 25, including some from chopping and moving more wood around, and a moth (I’ve not ID’d that moth yet) and I’m not sure I’m going to put the beetles on here… I’ll put them in their own page if I put them up… they were kind of busy together.  I’m pretty sure they’re …something like fleabane beetles, I looked them up last year I think, and I think that’s what they were. They’re shiny, about the size of 1/2 a big (commercial) blueberry, and …bronze-black-gold-blue-green metallic sheen colored.  They look cool but there’s been A LOT of them this year, and they’re really doing a number on the leaves of a lot of different plants… and they’re also doing some weird posture thing with their legs up… and rumps up at the tip of plants… I’m not sure if that’s a behavioral thing, or I know sometimes there are fungi that parasitize/kill insects (I think it was a rainforest documentary and the insects in question were ants) … while they’re alive and then dying, and sort of mess up their behavior so they end up near the top or tip of stuff, so that as the fungi matures and makes spores, the dying->dead insect puts their pre-carcass in a location which is better for the spores to spread than say, in a burrow or on the ground… or something like that anyway.  So, I want to check what those beetles are up to (and what wordpress will allow on the websites…), and I also have some pictures taken on later dates of the beetles … solo I think.  We’ll get to see them eventually, or I’ll come back and update this with them.

Here are the rest of the pictures!  There’s a picture of the wonderful Indy (who I call many things, including the Klingon Princess), and some of the hazels before the woodland creatures find them.

Thanks for visiting, I know this is briefer than usual for me but I’m really trying to clear the backlog!