So there are a lot of pictures to catch up with, and so I’m going to do another dump here of them…and since I’m still taking pictures in current time, I’m probably not going to be able to catch up and do quite so much research for every other picture…

So here come a lot of pictures, and the plants or other things I name will be named informally, and potentially semi-sorta accurately… so again, use them as a starting point if you are really working to identify something.  If I get the chance, some of these pictures will be pulled into their own ongoing, or I might come back and add edits with more correct or in depth info.  Sorry folks!

I am pretty sure I’ve got pictures of Queen Anne’s Lace, maybe chicory, a thistle, I think bull thistle, what I think is one of the potentially several plants called, among other things, gravelroot, a berry-ish making shrub I’m working to ID, some monarchs caterpillars on milkweed, I think common milkweed, another set of some other kind of milkweed I think, a leafhopper, goldendrod (I think), some cardinal flower, burdock, some tiger swallowtail butterflies, what I think is ‘creeping Johnny’, and another look at butter and eggs I think… I think I listed everything. Technically, I think these are in reverse chronological order.  And oops, I forgot I have at least one flower/plant in there that I didn’t mention, and it’s also one I’ve got completely and utterly to figure out, I’m not even sure what it’s related to… It’s the bell/snapdragon looking one in purpley-pinkish.


And here are a few videos of monarch caterpillars.


Ok, I think that’s all for these days, although as I said, I’ll probably be pulling some of these pictures (or using them again) in one or two ongoing type posts.  Thanks for viewing, aren’t those caterpillars fun!