Here are more placeholder pictures for stuff I’ve put other places (like in Lepidoptery, my ongoing Identification page (s), or the rampump post I think I’ll end up with, or wherever…) Here also are the pictures which don’t really have other places, but I’d like to share anyway.

Staring with August 5, what Ryan’s wildflower garden from last year is looking like now, I’ve not tended it much at all, so some of the tougher flowers have made it back, and other ones may have crept in.  I think this is a sunflower?  There’s also what I think might be spiny or bristly or something like that Lettuce (an alien), and chicory (another alien) I saw somewhere else. I love the color of chicory flowers!!!!

August 6, two placeholder pictures for a caterpillar and butterfly (I don’t think they’re from the same species) which will be added to the Lepidoptery page.


August 7, a caterpillar on Jewelweed, and what I think might be a type of leaf hopper? on jewelweed as well, and some hazel nut watching,


August 8, we’ll start with a quick listen to a Catbird… you can’t get a great look at it, but I’d been trying for a few days to weeks to get a good audio recording (at least) of one making the call which sounds a lot like a cat or kitten…so that people who haven’t heard them would maybe understand why I’ve been mislead by a kitten in a chicken coop (Indy) or in my radiator (Echo) in the past…

Here is a quick (really quick) video of one of the calls of a Blue-Jay.  I always associate it with blue sunny skies and cold fall days, even though it’s heard under many other conditions… I think it’s just that the blue jay looks quite dashing with bright sun on it, and against a background of flashy fall colored leaves on a bright and beautiful sunny day in the fall?  Or maybe it was under those conditions I first a as a kid saw one making that noise?  I don’t know… but anyway, that’s one of the raucous calls these birds make.  They’re not what I’d call subtle or refined.


These are some pictures of Turkey Vultures (NOT BUZZARDS… we don’t have buzzards in North America, folks, despite what any cartoon character or un-avianly-interested person might say, at least we don’t have them occurring naturally in the wild).  I’m  trying to figure out if a particular piercing piping call I hear in one or two areas when jogging comes from these vultures or from a hawk.  I’m not sure what kind of hawk, it’s not quite the typical Red-Tailed Hawk call, but it might be a variant?  Or maybe a different hawk?  I do know I see hawks, I think they might be Red-Tails, maybe not at times when I hear the call, but it often seems to come from an angle through the trees or something so I can’t be sure if it’s hawks or vultures, and often there’s both within sight…sigh and as soon as I get the camera out they stop making it.  But anyway, here’s the videos I got that my camera managed to keep at least acceptable focus for a bit, and I’m posting them here because I like watching birds soar, and it’s interesting to see the posture/wing angle that vultures use.  It’s a tad different from other bird groups… but then again, most groups and families and etc. have their own similarities and differences.  Vultures have a sort of angled V shape they make.


And some placeholder pictures, I’ve got an Arrowwood Viburnum, a hickory, what I think might be Autumn Olive, some vine I’ve nicknamed Five Splay vine because of the leaves until I can figure out what it is, and two other plants I’ve nicknamed Tiny Whities and Thick Lace… which are nicknames which make it easier for me

to reference them in my mind when I see another example of them, or look them up, or put their pictures in folders or whatever.


August 9.

Including pictures of some logs I split and moved… which bring back frustrating memories.  There were a few in this group which I’m not exaggerating, each took at least 20 minutes or more, and felt like hours each to split due to the kinked and wavy and y-shaped and oh so reluctant to split nature of the grain of the wood.  You may notice how many whacks I put into some of them trying to jar them in just the right angle and force and repeated hits… sigh. Well that’s done and over with!  Also a place holder picture for both a butterfly I’ll put with it’s relatives, as well as a flower I’ll need to ID but I’ve nicknamed the White Foamy Rocket flower.  And another flower I’ve got fond memories of, as well as am pretty darn familiar with, but might put in with the ID page in case others might not be familiar with it… I’d like to give it an ongoing page itself but I think that’s a bit much.  Anyway, it’s called Indian Pipe, but I’ll always think of it as Rare Indian Pipe (it’s an inside familial joke… hugs to my Unlce and to Dad and Mom!).


August 10 to the 14th, a stinkbug with interesting design on it’s back, the hammock I sent to a guy Ryan met on the trail who had the misfortune for his hammock to rip while he was in it, then a day later to slip off a bridge and get banged up.  Ryan decided he was a nice fellow, and since we had several extra hammocks, and I knew were mine was, plus wasn’t super fond of it’s colors (which is odd, I do like bright yellow, and bright blue…but I dunno, I just don’t like them together in this hammock) as well as I haven’t figured out how to sleep in one comfortably and haven’t used it since well before we moved to PA… so, anyway, we shipped it off to the poor guy, who was super grateful for the gesture.  Also some pictures of what I think is a mint relative, maybe some sort of monarda, but I’ve not looked it up yet (so you’ll probably find it pop up in the to ID page as well), and some sort of … I think it’s an orthopteran (grasshopper and relatives)… what I’ve dubbed the hzzzzzzzzz hzzzzzzzzz (to go with the chomchom, which I’ve not yet even been able to spot making it’s noise, let alone figure out what it is, although I suspect it’s a cicada or some sort of relative…).  Anyway, the videos of the hzzzz hzzzz follow.  Some of the green pictures are maybe a chom chom suspect, but I’m not sure at all.  The reddish brown grasshopper looking critter is the hzzz hzzz, and I’ll figure it out later, as usual.



Here comes August 15

Including one of the alien invasive knotweed…knotgrass… Oh I’ll look it up again eventually but I think of it as the evil pink bubblegum bugger…, also, more Indian Pipe, hazel nut progress, a bit more of the Joe Pye weed, and a new blue flower to identify.



August 16.

A mantis, some jewel weed.

And videos trying to get a good view of how the jewel weed (jewelweed?) seeds get launched out of their pod, if I remember right, there’s fibrous strands from tip to ‘toe’ in the pod, and between those getting tighter as the pod ages and dries, and there’s other fibrous structures staying the same lenght, and I think some torsion and twisting is involved, but eventually the tensions created by the different directions all these things pull the pod outer parts, eventually the pod pops/boings by itself, or if it’s brushed or squeezed, it pops a bit earlier.  I tried filming in slow motion (extra frames per second) but I’m not sure any of that turned out…. or if you can slowly play videos on this site. But anyway, here are the best I’ve managed to get so far, after tons of tries over days of poking, prodding, and otherwise annoying a bunch of seed pods!

And here are some pollinators at work, keeping busy!


August 17. I think there were some rather pretty …hymenoptera (the wasp, bee, and ant group of insects) in this set of pictures and videos.  While they’re all pretty in their own ways, there’s an interesting metallic one I’d like to get a better look at.  And something’s been eating hazel nuts!


I’m trying to cram uploading videos and pictures, because I know Ryan’s going to want to do a lot of things on the internet when he gets home, so I’d better catch up now.  I think I’ll be able to move things around or add text to things which are already uploaded much easier than trying to upload while he’s busy doing things too, as our internet could be slower… but it also could be a LOT faster!

Thanks for viewing!

Addie and crew.