I wanted to make a new friend. So I did 🙂

I looked around for some good materials as I decided how and what I was actually going to do. I settled on Oak for my new friend’s body, arms, and legs. But I chose Cherry for his head. I figured Cherry would give him a nice personality and the Oak would make him properly strong. After all he will be living outdoors and will need the strength and a good attitude.

Frank Wood (1)Frank Wood (2)

His surgery went very well with no complications as I installed stainless steel joints where needed.  Surgical steel was not available, and probably not necessary, seeing as the surgical environment wasn’t quite sterile…but he’s gotta be tough so it’s good to give his immune system some exercise in his formative and developmental stages. And, on the plus side, if he ever goes to pieces, recovery should be relatively straight forward as replacement parts are readily available.

Frank Wood (3)Frank Wood (4)Frank Wood (5)

After letting him relax for a day, Addie and I quickly put him to work as a property greeter. He seems to enjoy it thus far, after all, most of his job involves just hanging around all day. Perhaps eventually he will get a chair to rest in, or be relocated to various places.  Who knows, we might give him a hand or two, if he does well.

Frank Wood (6)

Our greeter penguin and the flaminguins/pemingos (summer mode is flaminguin, winter mode is pemingo–they may look like regular flamingos but they’re not!) have adjusted well to a new crew member.  Actually, M. Edward Davidson, the quasi-fifth, (the Penguin from Wisconsin) seems to be a bit in awe of Mr. Frank Wood. 

Frank Wood (8)

Here’s a peek at Mr. Frank Wood in action…  Frank can wave!  See Frank wave! Go Frank, Go! (Well, come on, Mr. Frank Wood is only a few days old!)