This is an update to the earlier blog called:

How We Process Our Humanure

I wanted to show you a look at the ongoing process so you all can see how well it is still working. We are getting some EXCELLENT soil from our system.

This is where it all starts (well after it gets initially processed in our intestines)

Biolet Composting Toilet

Biolet Composting Toilet


Once full the internal bin is removed and placed here for awhile. We set it aside for it to kill any pathogens it might have before joining he rest of its friends…



Up next is a look at the last 6 months of collection…


We don’t add anything more after 6 months and let it sit for another 6 months. We do churn it weekly though.

These pictures are of 1 year old humanure compost…


This can be tossed into the woods safely or used with flower beds.

The holy grail of manure though is this 1.5 year old stuff 🙂


We don’t consider this done yet though so we let it sit in a bed of hay and give it access to the environment for an additional 6 months before we decide to use it in our food gardens.

Here is a look at the last step in the composting process…


We make a nice bed for it out of hay in its own little room.


Here it sits at least another 6 months until it is time to go into the garden.

We will mix the humanure and the hay into the garden soil when we prep the next growing cycle.

Remember the entire process with detailed scientific explanations can be found on our older post here:

How We Process Our Humanure

Hope you enjoyed this update 🙂

Remember: Poo matters…