Here is what we utilize in our home to help us be off grid…


First is our Biolet composting toilet. It cost $1000 to buy but is very cool and easy to use.

Biolet Composting Toilet

Next up is our water purifier made by Berkey. It cleans all our water making it safe to consume. Our water comes from a natural spring about 50 feet from our cabin.

Berkey Water Purification

Our ram pump is non-electric and is very important for bringing water to our cabin year around. It only uses 2 check valves and gravity to push the water to our home.


Of course we need power. Our power comes from wind and solar and is dumped into a controller then to the batteries.


This is our SunForce wind turbine. It is 600watts and provides power in as little winds of 4mph or greater.

coleman wind turbinewind turbine

We have 300watts of solar panels. Here is a look at a similar one from Sam’s Club. We use monocrystaline panels. They charge using all spectrum of lighting. So even on cloudy days or with a foot of snow we can still charge up the batteries.

solar panel

We use a diversion controller. Not many people have heard of them or even know what one is. Most people use MPPT controllers or PWM controllers. We use a diversion controller because we have power coming from wind, solar, and a bicycle generator, and soon from our creek. The diversion controller is designed for mixed systems and can handle upwards of 3000watts and 160amps.


And my batteries are Solar Deka AGM Deep Cycle batteries. We currently have 400amp hours worth. We use very little power in our home so this is fine for us for now. They are very expensive batteries but will last nearly 50yrs if managed properly.

Solar Deka Battery

And here is our wood stove. It is capable of heating around 1100sqft. We only have 440sqft so it is very effective.

Wood Stove

Well those are the most important items… But the utmost very important one of all that our homestead cannot do without is my Addie…. She is a hot chick from Wisconsin.

My beautiful picture

Hope you enjoyed the blog 🙂