We installed 2 new 100watt solar panels. This brings us up to 500watts total.

What we are showing now is the power we are generating off our system after the new installs. We want to see a steady 14vdc or better throughout the day.

So here are some pictures of the controller (to show incoming power) and sky (to show show how much sun is out) and clock (to note the time of day)…

At 10:15am we had cloudy skies but sitting at 13.18vdc incoming solar power:



At 10:45am still cloudy skies but now sitting at 15.17vdc incoming solar power:



At 11:07am some clouds but now sitting at 16.44vdc incoming solar power:



At 1:20am with cloudy skies but now sitting at 15.38vdc incoming solar power:


So that is our Thanksgiving day solar power update…

Not to bad for a mostly cloudy day…