Addie and I went to the YMCA today and were given permission to film while swimming so we did 🙂

We did some normal swimming but mostly just fooled around and had fun. It is nice to go out once or twice a week and play even as adults…

We used the ION Air Pro camera for these videos. It is waterproof and high impact resistant. It has about a 2hr battery life that is rechargeable via USB. And it currently has a 16gb micro SD card in it. It can record in 1080p HD or less. You can download a app to view it through your Android device and control it via wifi. However it does not have a built view finder or screen. I think it is a great sports camera.

ION Air Pro Camera

This video is of us in the deep end of the lap pool:


Here is a video of us in the warming pool:


Addie does her chicken dance and I do my gopher dance:


Spinning Camera Toss:


Pool Jets:


Thanks for watching 🙂