Some of you may recall my blog on getting new solar panels a few weeks ago. Well here is a snowy update on them.

I have 500watts of solar panels currently installed and a 600watts wind turbine. Combined they power my entire home. Granted I have very little need for electricity so this suffices for me. We run a 12vdc solar and wind system and our entire home is wired for 12vdc. We only have 12vdc LED lightening, one 12vdc on-demand water pump, 12vdc WiFi router, and two 19vdc laptop computers along with a variety of handheld electronic devices that run on 5vdc. So we are doing very well with what we have and need currently.

Here is a look at today’s power reading at 11:25 am and a look at the solar panels, sky, and wind turbine…

Current Time: (today’s date is: 12/13/2017)



Current Snowfall:



Solar Panels:



Wind Turbine:



Power Reading:


Video of wind turbine spinning:

The snow on the ground acts as a great light reflector thus enhancing the amount of light our solar panels get. The cold helps to reduce the resistance that heat creates and allows more power to flow easily into our homes 400ah battery bank. And of course being it is winter time the bare trees allow for better wind on our turbine.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂