I cant recall where I discovered this design/idea for this type of long term feeder but it is pretty cool and easy to make.

I went to Lowes hardware store and purchased size 4″ pvc parts. I got one Y section and 2 caps (should have grabbed 3 caps). I also got a 5 foot section of 4″ pvc pipe:


First I cut the pipe down to the 2 lengths I wanted. (can be any length you want)

I used a hack saw to make the cuts:



Finished cuts:


Next I use pvc primer and glue to connect the pieces:


Primer added:


Glue added:


All the parts are connected this way…

I glue the short piece of pipe to the bottom of the Y and then the cap gets glued on:


Next I glue the longer pipe to the top part of Y:


The second cap goes on the top of longer pipe but NOT glued on. It is left removable so you can refill the pipe with food when the feeder is empty:


The side section of the Y is left open for now and this is where the chickens will peck there food from. At night when you put the birds away in their coop for safe snoozing you can cap this end off to keep mice and raccoons etc… from stealing the food.

This is where I needed that third cap (will get another one soon):


I will post another blog soon with pics of it installed and chicken friends eating from it šŸ™‚

Thanks for visiting šŸ™‚