Here is a quick look at my collection of knives I use for bush crafting and outdoor survival activities.

My all time go to knife for the last 8 years is this Gerber Profile:


This is my second favorite knife up until now. Sadly I don’t recall its model name but it is very similar to the profile:


This is the exact same knife but as a folder: (I carry this knife around with me when it doesn’t make sense to have the fixed blade knives)


A friend of mine died and I was given his knife by his father. It is the Bear Grills knife. I take it out occasionally to play with but don’t want to mess it up due to the memory of it:


This knife is a K-Bar and I found it while backpacking the Appalachian trail through Shenandoah Nation Park in 2012. It is my favorite food knife:


And a look at my newest knife which I expect to be my new favorite. It is the Gerber Prodigy:


So those are my knives. Hope you enjoyed 🙂