This has been our coldest year ever since we went off grid and had to solely rely on nothing but firewood for heating, cooking, and hot water. Thankfully we had expected this and stockpiled more wood than usual for this winter. Normally we only use 3 cords to stay warm all through the cold months. So far we have used about half a cord. We started with roughly 5 cords which is 2 cords extra. We should at this rate be just fine for the rest of winter and have plenty left over.

Here is a look at what we have remaining of chopped split wood:

This first picture contains 2 cords in the truck topper shed…



This picture shows just over a half cord remaining in the wood run. (not all the wood made it into frame)



Here are some pictures of our reserve wood. (chopped but needs splitting)

Combined we have about 2.5 cords total seen in these pictures:



Addie carry a huge log:

Addie Log Carry GIF


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