When I injured my head I also damaged my cervical spine. I received multiple issues from compression fractures to a bulging disc and severe arthritis. I have a lump on the side of the cervical spine near C4-C5 area which places pressure on the nerves and influences severe headaches and migraines and even partial paralysis in the form of numbness in my arms and hands. Due to the initial injury I have developed a small benign tumor as well. Basically my neck is shot to hell.

I had a contrast MRI taken of my neck and these images are the result of such. If you know what to look for you can see the mess my head and neck trauma have caused. NOTE not all of the images are present here due to there being dozens of them. Here are a few for you to see…

cervical 1cervical 2cervical 3cervical 4cervical 5cervical 6cervical 7cervical 8