If you were going on a survival trip or competition and were only allowed to bring 10 items (not including first aid kit, one outfit, or backpack) what 10 would you bring?

I have been doing survival and backpacking trips for over 20+yrs. I have learned quite a few skills over that time as well. Though I am not an expert I believe I would do very well on a survival trip with near nothing.

These are the 10 items I would take:

1.) 10x10ft light canvas tarp

2.) knife

3.) combat shovel (doubles as machete, axe, spear, plus digs)

4.) 24 inch bow saw blade
bow saw.jpg

5.) ferro rod
ferro rod.jpg

6.) spool of artificial sinew (for making fishing traps and dead falls and other type traps)
artificial sinew.jpg

7.) wrist rocket sling shot (for hunting small game on land and use the rubber sling for making a Hawaiian sling for fishing)
sling shot.jpg

8.) 2ltr stainless steel pot
stainless steel pot.jpg

9.) 2ltr stainless steel canteen
stainless steel canteen.jpg

10.) destination specific item (depending on where I was going to be will determine final item)

So what 10 items would you bring? Why?