So I was driving the 18 miles into town this afternoon. It had been snowing and raining and freezing off and on all night so the roads were bad and not been plowed yet. I only went into town because I had an appointment I needed to keep. The truck was in 4 wheel drive and I was doing 20mph in a 45mph zone because the roads were bad. No one else was around. I came around a long corner in the road and hit a patch of ice and spun sideways and slid into the guardrail. I hit facing the opposite way I was initially going and on the other side of road. But I was facing the correct way for the side I ended up on. My passenger side of the truck slammed into the guardrail and smashed up the door and some of the quarter panels. I have nationwide insurance and they are going to repair it all up for a $500 deductible. It goes in for an estimate tomorrow morning. No one was hurt.

Here are the pictures from the incident:

truck damage  (1).JPG

truck damage  (3).JPG

truck damage  (16).JPG

truck damage  (12).JPG

truck damage  (19).JPG

My tracks in the snow and ice:

truck damage  (8).JPG

truck damage  (7).JPG