I have a PSE Stalker 35lb draw take down recurve bow. It is very nice and fun to shoot. I am still learning how to shoot so don’t expect perfection 😉 . I also have a generic pistol crossbow which is very fun to shoot. But it is way to powerful for my targets as the bolts nearly completely disappear into target and most of the time wont come out.

I figured I would share some pictures with you of my bow and other stuff. I also have a video of me shooting if you want to see it…

Archery box for arrowheads and accessories:

archery box (1)archery box (2)archery box (3)

Custom made arrows. About $75 for 6:

arrows & heads (1)arrows & heads (2)

Larger game tips:

arrows & heads (3)

Small game tips:

arrows & heads (4)

Multipurpose game tips. My favorite because they can be sharpened and are one piece:

arrows & heads (5)

Target tips:

arrows & heads (6)

Thumpers for small animals:

arrows & heads (7)

Arrow puller:

arrow puller (1)arrow puller (2)

PSE Stalker 3 piece take down recurve bow:

bow (0)bow (1)bow (2)bow (3)bow (4)bow (5)bow (6)bow (7)bow (8)

Temporary case:

bow carry bag

Bow string followed by stringer:

bow stringbow stringer

Pistol crossbow:

crossbow (1)crossbow (2)

Cheap bolts but work:

crossbow bolts

My newest target:



Here is a video of me target shooting: