This post, if y’all can’t tell, is written by Doc’s wife, Addie.
Some of y’all will know about the FixedByDoc and our Egg-A-Day … project? Thingy…? Well, anyway. A long time ago (well, when you look at the number of pictures it has generated, it was a long time!) we decided to record a quick video of our collecting the eggs from our chickens each day. After a while, it became easier to take pictures of them. Our internet is S…L….O…………W…… so pictures upload a lot faster.

And it seemed like a lot of people found this interesting, so we kept at it. After a while, I started trying to add a bit of info about the weather, because that affects the chickens and their egg production. Plus, it’s just interesting to have a sort of mini-weather journal, and it’s not much more effort to add that to the Egg-A-Day.

And I think I’ve already introduced the chickens, but periodically there will be glimpses of them, or other incidental stuff I notice while taking the pictures.

So, here we go…sorry for the delay, every day we didn’t post them, turned the ‘catch-up’ bigger and bigger and more daunting… so I’ve decided to try to take a bite out of it today.

September 11, 2017










You may have noticed I took pictures of places eggs probably should be (like in the little Tractor Supply –long story!– coop in the nesting boxes…) but there weren’t eggs there… that’s basically the point. It’s to show that while quite often the chickens use those places, today I didn’t find an egg there.

I also like to take a picture or two of the forest, trees, shrubs, etcetera to show a bit of what it currently looks like… so when the leaves come out in spring, or the snow piles up, melts away, or the leaves turn in autumn, there’s a bit of a peek at what the season looks like. (Ok, I think I spelled etcetera properly, but the spell check doesn’t like it…hm, the internet thinks I spelled it properly, too.)






And you’ll notice, I usually try to start the day’s collection with a picture including the dry erase date card thingy, either with some weather/seasonal thing in the background, or where I’m making my first collection.
Thanks for checking in, hopefully I’ll get a bunch more of these up soon!