I am 100% PRO GUN but I do believe there should be some rules set in place. I get asked constantly about what I would suggest or do about gun control if I were in charge. I have thought for a long time on the subject matter and have come up with this. Keep in mind I do not serve nor represent ANY political party nor receive ANY sponsorship or payments etc… for my efforts or votes. I am not a member of the NRA or any other organization. I am strictly and simply just ME.

With that said this is MY personal suggestion to how gun control should be handled:


Get rid of ALL gun free zones in both civilian public property and military property (private property is left to the owners decision)

21 age limit nationwide for pistols and non-hunting style rifles. All hunting specific firearms are restricted to age limit of 18 or older with all current hunting requirements unchanged

ALL soldiers in military service or with a general with honorable conditions or greater discharge from service 18 years or older are exempt from #2 due to having military service training

No firearm ownership restrictions or bans based on the type or style of the weapon including any future firearm shall be created (ie: full-auto and military style is legal)

ALL persons both civilian, military, & police and all others not mentioned MUST pass a background check and have their doctor sign off on a mental exam to purchase any type of firearm. These checks shall be universally the same nationwide

No accessories or tools or ammo shall be restricted or banned

Police, Border Patrol, FBI, and other such policing agents must be 21 or over and completed the same background checks and mental health checks as everyone else prior to being issued a firearm for employment (military are exempt from this work age restriction)

If anyone is caught misusing any type firearm strict penalties and harsh fines will be enforced and established by the individual state the offense occurred in. Repeat offenders will be handed over for federal sentencing

No one may purchase a firearm from ANY source without the before mentioned background and mental health checks

ALL firearm retailers MUST be licensed by the state regardless of format the firearms are sold through. NO private sales or trades or transfer of ownership or inheritance shall be allowed without going through a licensed retailer where the proper background and mental health checks can be performed. NO ONE shall be allowed to purchase a firearm for another person

Loaning of firearms to someone is forbidden unless the owner is present the entire time such as in the case of legal hunting or at a legal shooting range

No one can file a report with authorities against a firearm owner with intent to have their weapons removed without first proving beyond shadow of doubt that there is an imminent threat

Nationwide concealed or open carry shall be unrestricted from state to state

Anyone wishing to conceal or open carry must pass a free safety training course performed by the local authorities or military or certified instructor

The use of any firearm in a self defense situation shall not be punished but there must be evidence of self defense (witness or video etc…)

All current hunting laws remain the same and unchanged