The last time we got gravel for our driveway was around September 2013. That time we only got the base layered put down. The quarry calls that lime stone #3 which basically depicts the size of it. We got 10 tons of it laid and intended to get a top layer the following year. But other more important things came up at the time and the base layer was doing well so we waited.

This month we had plenty of left over cash from my social media earnings and retirement pensions. We paid off the land last August and the house the year before. So we are doing fairly well these days and decided it was high time we get some new gravel for the driveway. After all we just bought two new vehicles so why not get them a new driveway to rest on right?

We purchased 10 tons of top layer gravel called 2B. Again this refers to its size and type. We put it down in a layer of about 5 inches +/- (guessing) and had a small pile left over for later use around the front of the cabin.

The truck driver spread the gravel out for us. He was the same guy from our last delivery. Great guy and does a good job. If anyone is in my area and needs some gravel etc… delivered let me know and I will get you his info.

So I assume you want to see some pictures of it so here you go 🙂


This left over pile will fill in a spot by the road and around the front of the cabin…


Thanks for stopping by 🙂