A couple weeks ago I got in an accident with my Blue Chevy Silverado I recently bought the christmas before last. I slid on some ice and smashed into a guard rail. The damage was not that bad but the insurance company decided to total it instead of repairing. They paid off the whole truck all but $130 give or take a few dollars. Our Gap insurance is currently being filed to cover the remaining amount.

So now that I was in need of a new truck I went out and looked around and found this one…


It is a 2009 Chevy Silverado Z71 4×4. It has 4 doors and is automatic with all the bells and whistles as they say. It only has 73K miles on it which is really good for its age. Most trucks this age I have looked at have around 115K miles on them give or take 10K. It seems to be in near mint condition.

Here are some other views of it:



Then after reviewing our finances we decided to get Addie a new car as well. She has been wanting a Subaru Outback or Forester for awhile. The same dealership we got my truck from just happened to have the one she has been wanting and at a great price as well. It too was in near mint condition and low mileage. Both vehicles seem to have been well kept and hardly any rust on them.


So Addie’s new car is a 2011 Subaru Forester. Here are a few more views of her car…


The dogs love the new truck thanks to the extra room and the new car thanks to rear folding seats and all the windows to slobber on. The only downside really is that they are both automatics. But I think we will manage. Besides it frees up my right hand for other things like messing with Addie 😉

We are now selling Addie’s old Dodge Caravan for $800 OBO. We parked it along the road with a sign on it and will soon be posting it on craigs list. My credit and my reputation with our bank was good enough to allow me to get both of our new vehicles with no hassle. We put $500 down for each one. And yes we will have a few years of payments but Addie and I feel it was time to get good reliable vehicles that should last us a good long while. Addie’s 2011 is the newest car we have ever owned.