This is the shelter system I plan to use during my bike trip. It is the same tarp and bivy sack system I used last year (summer 2017) hiking the 2500 miles of the Appalachian trail (AT).

Here are my poles. On the AT I used hiking poles or two trees. I’m not hiking this time so I made a set of PVC poles out of 3/4 inch sch40. Each section of pipe is about 1.5 feet to make two 3ft poles. I capped each end and used a coupling to put them together. On one end of each I added a peg to use as the tarp loop holder and tie-out point. This was done by drilling a small hole then insert pin and added a nickle (5 cent coin USD). The nickle keeps the pin from falling into the pipe due to nickle being close to same diameter of pipe. My tarp has loops on the tie-out ends for the pin.


This is my tarp. It is the ENO House Fly. I show it here setup with the PVC poles I made. This is the BEST tarp I have EVER used. I’ve had it for a couple years now. In the ground setup version it requires 6 stakes. I use MSR Ground Hog stakes.


I will be using a standard universal tent ground cloth, a Thermorest air mat, and my Army issue bivy sack.


I will be using my Old Rag Mountain quilt from Jacks-R-Better. It is 800 fill down and very comfy. Best full length quilt ever for both hammocking and ground sleeping. So good that I have two of them for my winter hammock system. One for on top and one for underneath my hammock. But for this trip I just need one seeing I am sleeping on the ground.



And that about covers my shelter system.